Look 3

Fresh Lilac

Precisely the right dose of glamour. The modern make-up technique subtly widens the eyeshadow — and is exciting without being over the top. Mysterious and exciting, and in combination with the softly emphasised lips still very fresh.


A delicately tanned complexion emphasises this summer look.

  • U S E  compact make-up Summer Touch for the perfect soft summer tan and

TIP: Boost the glow on the cheekbones and at the hairline with Sunsation Powder


Lightly tint the brows with the matching Automatic Pencil for Brows and fix with Care&Fix Lash Conditioner.

To achieve this deep set eye look, simply follow these steps 

  1. Apply Magic Shadow Mono 39 Cool Brown along the eye crease and blend outwards
  2. Contrast between light and dark - keep the inside corner of the eye light, clear and radiant and increase the depth in the crease of the eyelid
  3. Frame the eyes with the new Smart Liner Brownie Lilac in a double wing eyeliner
  4. Apply a thick layer of Mascara Perfect Volume Black to the top lashes only


The emphasis in this look is on the eyes, so keep the cheeks and contouring to a minimum. Use a dash of Blush Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose to add a hint of freshness.


Give your lips summery shade with Sensual Lipstick C 142 Strawberry.

  • S M O O T H strawberry shade is perfect for both day and evening looks.

To create a highlight and make your lips look fuller, add some gloss to your lips 

  • A D D shine with Hydro Gloss Watermelon to the middle of the lips


TIP: match the lipstick to the nails with Brilliant Nail Smoothie Pink.

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1. Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose

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Ideal um schnell einen wachen Look zu kreieren und Frische aufzulegen: Ultrafeines, seidiges Rouge für Lippen und Wangen. Verschmilzt beim Auftragen mit der Haut


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