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Rose Gold

New radiance: Fresh spring cheeks thanks to Lips& Cheeks and shiny metallic rose lips enter into a delicate liaison and conjure up spring on pale winter skin.


Who doesn't dream of the perfect complexion? Here are our steps to achieving the perfect base.

  1. First remove dead skin with a gentle face scrub.
  2. Apply plenty of moisture.
  3. Conceal shadows and unevenness with Cover&Light.
  4. Choose a shade of Teint Naturel that is slightly lighter than your skin. Apply the foundation in thin layers and slowly build the coverage.

TIP: For a more radiant complexion, apply highlights to forehead, nose and chin with Glow Base SPF 10.


This season’s eyebrows are expressive, full, but not dominant and definitely not dark.

  • U S E Automatic Pencil for Brows

Keep the eyes simple, apply Cover&Light to the whole eyelid, then use Shadow Mono 38 Cappuccino to emphasis to the crease. If you want to make the eyes look bigger add the colour to the bottom edge of the lid.

  • S H A P E  your lashes with Mascara Perfect Volume Black.

To transform your make-up into a fashionable evening look, just apply Eye Performer True Khol to the inside lid and add a second application of mascara.


With minimal make-up on the eyes, you can play with more colour on your cheeks for a fresh radiant look.

  • T R Y our new creamy 2 in 1 Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose

TIP: Apply the product to the middle of the cheeks and generously blend the shade in circling motions till you have the desired look. 


Compliment the look with Sensual Lipstick G 326 Sandy Rose or Beige Rose for a more natural lip colour. 


Choose from the two new nail shades to finish the look.

  1. Apply Brilliant Nail Base & Top Coat
  2. Apply two coats of your chosen colour, let it dry well
  3. Finish with another layer of Base & Top Coat for longer lasting nail colour

We love the new colours, Smoothie Pink and Nude

1. Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose

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Ideal um schnell einen wachen Look zu kreieren und Frische aufzulegen: Ultrafeines, seidiges Rouge für Lippen und Wangen. Verschmilzt beim Auftragen mit der Haut


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