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Sie lieben Ihre Haarfarbe? Colour Protection sorgt mit mehrfach wirksamer Pflege und umfassendem Schutz dafür, dass diese Liebe besonders lange währt



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COLOUR PROTECTION: With Colour Protection, La Biosthétique offers care and protection with long – lasting brilliant results for colour – treated hair! #ColourProtection #LoveYourHair #haircare #LaBiosthetique #labiosthetiqueparis
Beauty on stage - students make opera 

We are honored to work as beauty partner with the @festspielhausbadenbaden & to have been part of the participative music theater project Diggin Opera III.

Last Sunday, 65 students from France and Germany performed the music theater project they had developed themselves on the
Festspielhaus stage. All participants on stage received an expressive make-up look - according to the motto modern & futuristic (Step by Step & products provided by La Biosthétique). 

Stay tuned for upcoming events in cooperation with @festspielhausbadenbaden 

Credit: Manolo Press / Michael Bode

#labiosthetiqueparis #festspielhausbadenbaden #digginopera
COMING SOON: Color Protection - the strong concept for fascinating colour brilliance. Stay tuned! 💜💜💜 #ColourProtection #LoveYourHair #haircare #LaBiosthetique #labiosthetiqueparis⁠
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